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Pretty Happy by Celeste Burdon DSC09635 .jpg
Photo: Celeste Burdon


Pretty Happy is a 3-piece sister-brother-best friend art-punk band from Cork known for intense theatrical live performances, and embracing the idioms and energy of their home city.

Pretty Happy are heavily inspired by their home city of Cork. The people of Cork are nicknamed the Rebels due to their stubborness to conform. The band take this rebellious identity to heart in their characteristic musicality and their Cork accented stream of consciousness ravings. 

Whilst their music at times may have a jagged edge, the band strives to promote inclusion. Everyone is invited and welcome at a Pretty Happy show.  
Off stage, Pretty Happy like to engage in other artforms including directing their own music videos, curating festivals and directing and producing feature length documentaries. 

On stage, Pretty Happy tap into a primal cultural mania. Their songs, always filtered through an absurdist lens, cover such topics as drink spiking, suburban angst and rape culture. Their Intense live show intends to mirror the ebbs and flows of the human condition. Most important to the band, is the use of humour in their songs. Inspired by the essential Irish trait of finding humour in every situation no matter how sad or horrifying it may seem.

In May, Pretty Happy supported the iconic Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth, Body/Head) across Europe & the UK as well as making two appearances at Primavera Sound in Barcelona.
Throughout the summer the band also performed at All Together Now festival, Raw Power weekender in London, Electric Picnic, and Other Voices in Cork.

Pretty Happy support Pavement in November.

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