'Young contenders to the Cork music throne Pretty Happy are .... developing a reputation for the energy of their live shows and Abbey Blake’s emerging distinctive pedal-driven electronic guitar style.'
- Ellie O'Byrne, Irish Examiner
'Schmuck' provides four minutes of giddy, breathless, enjoyably unhinged guitar music, with hints of jangly power pop and Pixies-style ragged indie-rock in the mix.'
- Lauren Murphy,
'They’ve blown my mind over the past year and I think they’re one of the best new acts to come out of Cork,'
- Caoilian Sherlock, Quarter Block Party
Photo: Nicholas O'Donnell
Pretty Happy have an intense and blustery sound. They know exactly how to craft their quirky madness to create a wonderfully expressive wall of sound. They meld and mangle haunting vocals, spoken quips, and screams between a harrowing onslaught of gnawing guitars and a rumbling rhythmic section to create unruly, and absolutely thrilling music. 
- Indie Buddie
Having made an impression on gig-goers pre-pandemic with a live show that borders between playful, theatrical and unhinged, 'Salami' continues in that vein, marrying Pixies-inspired loud-quiet dynamic to stream-of-consciousness rhyming and vocalising.
- Mike McGrath Bryan, Irish Examiner

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