'Young contenders to the Cork music throne Pretty Happy are .... developing a reputation for the energy of their live shows and Abbey Blake’s emerging distinctive pedal-driven electronic guitar style.'
- Irish Examiner
'Schmuck' provides four minutes of giddy, breathless, enjoyably unhinged guitar music, with hints of jangly power pop and Pixies-style ragged indie-rock in the mix.'
'They’ve blown my mind over the past year and I think they’re one of the best new acts to come out of Cork,'
- Caoilian Sherlock Quarter Block Party
Photo: Nicholas O'Donnell
'Guitarist Abbey Blake’s, phenomenal style of play created a mammoth sound that engulfed Cyprus Avenue. The energy in Cyprus Avenue was electric as the trio struggled to contain themselves to the stage, with Abbey eventually crowdsurfing during their impromptu encore, closing with the thrilling ‘Dogs’. Pretty Happy with the start? Pretty ecstatic more like it.'
- Jacks Media
The rollicking punk rhythm is strong in this one, shouted harmonies and sinister theatrical interludes all combine for a truly bone fide raw punk-rock personality to the music of Pretty Happy.'

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